Ricardo J. Lopez
Successful, results-generating systems and software engineering professional with extensive experience working within teams, supervising technical personnel, and exceeding technical design and development goals and objectives. Areas of expertise include extensive systems, hardware and software knowledge, practical experience in the developing, maintaining, and improving engineering processes, and excellent interpersonal communication. Recognized leader and mentor in the software profession with excellent public speaking skills.
San Diego, CA USA

Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions.

Principal Engineer/Manager

1/2001 - Present

As a managing principal engineer, I was responsible for project success both in their technical achievement and program management.

* Fostered and maintained effective product development practices.

* Reported to chief scientist.

* Ensured product quality from the systems architectural perspective down thru design and construction. Introduced new product lines to meet the companies' strategic vision and objectives.

* Made direct recommendations to the CEO, COO and president of the CDMA Technologies division on all matters pertaining to effective engineering leadership and execution.

San Diego, CA USA

Tiernan Communications

Tiernan Communications Inc. was a leader in the field of Professional Standard Definition and High Definition digital encoders and decoders.

Director Software Systems

7/1999 - 1/2001

As director of software systems, I was responsible for all product line architectures (hardware and software) and the successful execution of their development.

* Introduced effective product development practices.

* Reported to VP Systems Engineering.

*Establish a software architecture group and fostered the mentoring of the engineering disciplines allowing us to nurture and grow the professional excellence of our individual contributors.

* Made direct recommendations to the CEO on all matters pertaining to effective engineering leadership and execution

*Directed all development engineering operations for the HD product lines, Network transport devices, and advanced multiplexing devices.

Pomona, CA USA

Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins is a leader in the aerospace and defense industries. As a premier developer of avionics for commercial, regional and GA aircrafts, Rockwell Collins has become a name synonymous with trust.

Chief Architect, Passenger Systems

9/1996 - 7/1999

Responsible for overall avionics system design and oversight over system development.

* Innovated revolutionary approaches to onboard in flight self diagnostics drastically reducing turn-around time for repair and substantially increasing system availability of the in-flight entertainment system.

* Reported to Sr. Director of System Engineering.

Chino Hills, CA USA

Windsong Technology Group

Windsong Technology Group was a consulting house specializing in software innovation for startups and small firms.

Principal Software Architect

5/1994 - 9/1996

As principal software architect, I was responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of the target products. I was additionally responsible for managing the customer relationship.

* Performed research to solve specific design problems.

* Provided design assistance for complex engineering assignments including products, parts, components, and portions of major projects.

* Completed work according to standard engineering principles and practices.

Lake Forest, CA USA

JDS Microprocessing

JDS Microprocessing was a leader in the field of IBM replacement cluster controllers and front end processors.

Chief Architect

6/1986 - 5/1994

As Chief Architect, I was responsible for product architecture and design and the successful leadership and execution of the development product.

* Innovated the companies mainstream advance cluster controllers that for the first time in the industry, for an IBM clone device, implemented the full suite of protocols on the IBM 360 I/O channel.

* Reported to chief executive officer.

* Advanced the art of multiprocessor bus design and introduced the first 256 core front end processor with a combined memory capacity of 4GB (immense for its time).

* Introduce C++ for embedded systems and developed the techniques to avoid improper application of the technology for high performance and high availability systems.

Anaheim, CA USA

Arium Corporation

Arium corporation was a leader in low cost logic analyzers and emulators for the embedded microprocessors of the time. This included the 6800, 6800 and x86 families of microprocessors.

Principal Engineer

4/1985 - 6/1986

As a principal engineer, I was responsible for sub-product architecture, design and construction. My area of concern was the analyzer's and emulator's internal OS and I/O driver subsystem.

* Reported to chief operating officer.

* Directed all development activities for my responsibility area.

Brea, CA USA

RJL Associates

RJL Associates was a consulting DBA through which several development contracts in robotics, aerospace and communication systems was undertaken.

Principal Software Consultant

6/1981 - 5/1986

As the principal software consultant I was responsible for all contracts and their successful completion.

* Carried out research and development in the areas of robotics, 4th generation virtual machines and machine languages, and advanced multiprocessor systems.

* Introduced OO techniques to highly available embedded systems, heralding in the era of OO programming.

* Developed embedded RTOS techniques that were adopted by many mainstream embedded RTOS vendors in the coming years.

Anaheim, CA USA

Nixdorf Computer Software Company

Nixdorf Computer Software Company was a leader in the IBM mainframe clone market.

Manager Software Development, West Coast

6/1980 - 6/1981

As the managing director of software development, I was responsible for the IBM DOS/VS operating system replacement product (EDOS/VS). My specialty was the tape/disk/console I/O subsystems.

* Reported to VP Engineering.

* Introduced a Product Line approach to the Tape/Disk management products and their drivers. This improved evolutionary response to new tape and disk technologies being introduced by IBM.

* Architected the foundations of the VTAM replacement product, demonstrating that the design and construction of a complex subsystem can be delivered within an order of magnitude less time and effort than then industry productivity metrics would suggest.

San Diego, CA USA

General Automation

General Automation was for a time amongst the top 3 minicomputer manufactures, leading in factory automation and numerical control systems.

Lead Systems Developer

5/1974 - 6/1980

As the lead systems developer, I was responsible for the design and construction of many products and contract systems. I specialized in the area of the OS infrastructure essential for highly available control systems.

* Supervised and led subordinate Software Engineers.

* Formulated operating systems advancements and implemented improvements.

* Provided analysis related to software design and development and solved several significant and critical problems.

* Evaluated impact of hardware on software performance and recommended changes to hardware designers.

* Created and produced complex software control systems. Extended the companies OS product line with added fault tolerance capabilities in the database subsystem.

BS CS Institute of Geology and Engineering 1976

Caracas, Distrito Capital Venezuela

MS CS Metropolitan University 1978

Caracas, Distrito Capital Venezuela

* ACM Since 1975

* IEEE Since 1986

* Computer Society Since 1986

* WWISA Since 1999

* IGDA Since 1999

* "No Silver Bullet" Reloaded - A Retrospective on "Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering" - OOPSLA 2007 Panelist

* The Ultra Challenge: Software Systems Beyond Big - OOPSLA 2006 Panelist

* Fostering Software Robustness in an Increasingly Hostile World - OOPSLA 2005 Panelist

* Challenges in Outsourcing and Global Development: How Will Your Job Change? - OOPSLA 2004 Panelist

* Software Test - Beyond Proof; A lecture at Qualcomm Inc. 2005

* Agile Principles - A Lecture at Qualcomm Inc. 2006

* Theory and Practice of Best of Class Software Development - A Lecture at Qualcomm Inc. 2007

* Source Configuration Management - The Real Truth - A Lecture at Qualcomm Inc. 2008

* Rockwell Collins Engineer of the Year




* Director of Engineering Principal Engineer Systems Engineer Software Engineer Systems Architect Software Architect.

* System Engineering Software Engineering Systems Architecture Software Architecture Object Oriented Design Object Oriented Programming Component Oriented Software Agile Methodologies Disciplined Professional.

* Program Management Engineering Leadership Engineering Execution Engineering Mentoring.

* Lectures in software excellence and a software industry panelist.

* C C++ Java C# Python Lua Corba linux unix windows RTOS RTES OOP OOD OOA COM OS kernel driver communications mobile embedded microprocessor multiprocessor multicore avionics networking digital broadcast multimedia game development.